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Losing your home? 

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The best way to prevent foreclosure is understanding when you are in the foreclosure process and what you can do.

Pre-foreclosure (lis pendens) is the early stages of when your property is being repossessed through legal action. The lender files a notice of default on the property telling the property owner that they will pursue legal action toward foreclosure if the debt isn't paid.

GTHFI will assist you as a homeowner with pre-foreclosure help by verifying how far along in the pre-foreclosure process you are and recommending the options that will give you max benefit.


GTHFI will help you figure out how you can pay off the outstanding debt to reverse the default status or how you can sell the property before it goes into foreclosure. This can be done by acquiring a loan or by getting into a "short sale" where the bank or lender gives approval for the buyer to purchase the home for less than what is owed.

The pre-foreclosure period can last anywhere between 3 months to several months where a public auction or trustee sale is arranged at the end of this time.

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Tax Liens


You may have unpaid property taxes that you are dealing with. If you owe delinquent property taxes you most likely have had or will have a tax lien placed on the property. A tax lien is a legal claim issued by the government against the assets of an individual (including businesses) who fail to pay their debt. The lien guarantees payment of the debt by allowing the creditor to seize the assets from the individual or business.


You will first be issued a letter known as a notice and demand for payment. If you ignore the attempts to collect the debt that is when a lien can be placed on your assets, assuring the government has precedence over all other creditors' claims. After some time a tax levy can be placed by the tax authority permitting the government to legally seize and sell the property in order to pay the tax debt.

Tax lien foreclosure is not necessarily absolute if you are wondering how to get a lien off your house. You have a few options that GTHFI can walk you through. You can pay your debt off fully, you can attempt to arrange an automatic payment plan with the IRS, or you can always try selling a house with a tax lien. It's important to know your available options. 


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Vacant Property

vacant house.jpeg

Vacant property can be a couple of things. Property is vacant when a vacant lot has no building or other structure that exists or it can be when any structure on a property is unoccupied or unused for a period of at least 30 days. It is also a property which reflects abandonment by the owner or person with the right of occupancy.

Vacant and abandoned properties are pretty common and are caused by a number of factors. The most common vacant house to spot is the boarded up house. Usually these houses are considered uninhabitable and bring down the value of the neighborhoods they are in. Usually it is not easy to track down the owner unless the property has been foreclosed and is owned by the state. Vacant land for sale by owner is something that you can find a lot easier as many owners have land they are holding on to but do not live on or do not want anymore. Others did have homes on them but the homes were deemed unsuitable for living and have been torn down.


Although there is a lot of vacant land, vacant houses for sale tend to be easier to move than vacant land. GTHFI is skilled in helping you to navigate selling a vacant house as well as what you can do with a vacant property you may own. We can point you in the right direction in determining who would be interested in purchasing vacant property for sale. This can help you get rid of taxes and penalties that you may be accumulating on the property and may help you clear up your credit report as a lien can appear for 10 years and hinder you from getting future assets.    

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Commercial Property


Commercial property can be a building used to generate a profit through capital gain or rental income. It can also be land. Some examples of commercial property are shops, garages, multifamily complexes, farm land, gas stations, and so much more. 


With a constantly changing economy, abandoned or shut down businesses is something that is seen often. This could be due to rising tax costs, lack of customers causing loss in profit, or simply the cost of upkeep and maintenance. It costs to have employees.  

Commercial properties for sale are not as easy to move as houses due to the fact that they are usually bought with the intention to run a business and need start up costs. Finding the right buyers for this type of property takes the right connections and buyers to get it sold. Most commercial property owners end up seeking help in this department. GTHFI will consult with you, determine the condition of your property and help you to figure out the best course of action.

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Inherited Property


Inherited property is property that is handed down and previously owned by a family member. Most inherited properties are usually received after the passing of a loved one such as parents or grandparents. Some may ask "If you inherit a house do you inherit a mortgage?" If you inherit a home you are usually inheriting a house with a mortgage which means those payments will soon turn to you. There are cases where some houses are fully paid off which would mean you inherited a house with no mortgage. That doesn't mean you are free and clear though. 

Having an inherited house comes with responsibilities. Odds are you are not  going to be living  at the property so you become what they call an absentee owner. That is when you own the property but live somewhere else. This could make things difficult in terms of house upkeep. Most communities will place fines on your house if the grass grows to a certain height and is not cut. Some places have snow ordinances requiring snow removal. Your home also must be kept up to livable condition which means repairs for the roof, windows, and flooring. Let's not forget the property taxes. 

If you choose to leave these duties unintended, you may be hit with a series of violations such as a

city ordinance violation, housing code violations, home inspection code violations and even residential building code violations if you have tenants. These fines can be added DAILY, not monthly to your already growing lists of duties. You can look up a housing code violations list on your cities government site.


Most inherited property owners do not have the time to manage an inherited property and when the bills start to pile up they wait too late and need to know the fastest way to sell a house. GTHFI will not only help you with organizing your debts but we may able to get your fees lowered enough to find a suitable buyer. If you allow the bills to pileup too long it can make it difficult selling an inherited house and you may get stuck in a situation you don't want to be causing the city to either require demolition to the property or cause it to be foreclosed on. Don't find yourself rushing to say "I need to sell my house asap" but if you do, let GTHFI help you to get you where you want to be.



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Do You Need To Sell Your House?

Selling your house can be expensive and extremely complicated. At Good Things Happen Foundation Inc, we focus on making your life easier. We have created the most effective way to help homeowners make the best decision and help streamline the process when it comes to selling their house quickly. We  want to educate home owners that are looking to sell their homes regardless of their situations. Whether you're looking at receiving a cash offer, listing with an agent, or selling the property on your own, GTHFI is here to educate owners at no cost. We believe in taking care of your needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service with assistance before, during, and after your requirements are met.

In times like this you need people to understand your situation and treat you like a person. Our 24-7 staff are always readily available and responsive to your questions and concerns. We listen and put you at ease by explaining all of your options in detail. Avoid the feeling of loss and frustration of selling your home with a remarkable experience delivered to you every time.

A big passion of ours is to witness the beautification of all communities. We work hand in hand with home owners as well as agents and buyers and believe in helping people get out of tough real estate situations. We will educate you on selling  your unwanted house while putting cash in your pocket. We also work with other members of the community to repair the house so that new home owners can get into each property. Whatever the situation or condition or what’s owed on the property, let selling your home be the last thing you have to worry about!

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