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Why you should donate to GTHFI

Charitable giving is one of the most rewarding and honorable things you can do. Companies that donate and individuals who choose to give back as well not only are making a difference in someone's life but in the process are heros for doing it. Giving without receiving is not easy for many to do although it should be. Because of this generosity, the government gives back to you with a donation tax write off. Donations come in the form of one time donations or monthly donations to charity.


Most givers tend to give a cash donation. Although not required, large cash donations are most helpful and much appreciated so that more aid can be given to as many people as possible. Will you help us today?

Donating to Good Things Happen Foundation Inc.

Good Things Happen Foundation Inc. is one of the best places to donate money because we are an official 501(c)(3) advancing financial progression and can be located on the IRS website with registered #83-4643236. We believe in times like these it is important for others to know all ways they can financially increase the wealth of their families. There are a lot of non profits to choose from yes but if they are not recognized by the IRS you cannot receive your tax write off. We also have incredible programs and dedicated staff members who believe in a better future.

Good Things Happen Foundation Inc. wants to focus on projects that will eventually not only educate future home owners and current home owners about real estate but also enhance their quality of life. Real estate has many avenues that can be explored including business advancement. This will allow those benefiting from our programs to keep a roof over their families head. It will also equipped them to help keep a roof over another, passing on the knowledge for generations to come.


We hope to provide consulting and direction to many communities through the aid of proper clothing, training, and other resources using technological developments that will allow individuals to scale towards a brighter future through real estate. This means we will need multiple forms of donations.


You can:

-donate money to charity

-donate clothes (business, business casual)

-donate laptops

-donate used laptop

-donate old electronics

-donate your house

-donate automobile

-donate land to charity

You can even help by donating use of rental property or by donating appreciated stock to charity. 

Your monetary donations would go towards operational and overhead costs so that we can continue to grow our programs and reach more communities.

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Your physical donations such as clothes, real estate, or electronics will help us to dress, educate, gift, as well as facilitate our meetings and services to those who could benefit from our programs. If you are interested in this type of donation or know of someone who would be interested, please fill out the form below:

Clothes, Real estate, Or Electronics Donations

*If you would like to donate use of your rental space or provide appreciated stock, please submit your information here:

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Helping others in the community

This owner had a residential and commercial property they no longer could afford and were getting behind on payments. They were trying to fix up the bottom half into a restaurant and turn the top into a place to live. The repair and maintenance payments were beyond what they could afford. They called us in to consult with them on their options and to learn what they could do.

This was an owner of a residential property who had completed a divorce and was starting a new life with his current girlfriend. They did not want to live in his old home and so they ended up paying for two homes because the house was not selling as easily as he thought it would. He ended up facing some tax liens because they were getting behind on payments. They called us in to consult with them on their options and to learn what they could do.

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