Good Things Happen Foundation Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization, that takes pride in the communities we serve. Our desire to help people with their real estate, credit repair, and business funding needs shines through in our interactions with clients. Our founders are Rev. Dr. Fitz Gerald Desprez, a US army combat vet who served in Afghanistan and who is now currently the Chaplain for the American Legion Post 9. He is co founder alongside his wife LaToya M.V.A. Desprez who is the chaplain for the American Legion Auxiliary unit 9. She is as a community leader, CEO, and public speaker but the job she cherishes most is being a mom. Our leaders noticed a need for help in these areas when a few friends came and asked for help. They did not have great credit to qualify for loans and other aid that may help them out of their home situation. Fitzgerald and LaToya coordinated a call between the homeowner and the bank in order to see how this matter could be resolved and to better understand if there were any other options in order to save the property. The bank explained what had happened prior that resulted in the home falling into the foreclosure process. We want to help provide alternative methods to prevent something like this from happening in the future. As a result and through word of mouth, others started reaching out for advice thus giving birth to the idea of Good Things Happen Foundation Inc.


People want to feel heard and not used often craving for knowledge of what they can do to solve their problems. Home ownership and Credit Education are two of the biggest areas most people lack knowledge in and it continues to grow at increasing rates as new generations move into adulthood without any education on how to survive in the real world. We understand that a home is much more than four walls and a roof and that funding to move forward is an essential part of life. We are also aware that every situation is different. We make each situation a priority and take time to do our best to custom tailor win-win scenarios based on each individuals special and unique concerns. 

"We understand that a home is much more than four walls and a roof." 


We believe all communities can define their future, learn their options, and do better in this world.


Our Mission

Good Things Happen is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing business resources to the youth and veterans through access to proper clothing, LLC start ups, training, and other resources that will help them scale toward a brighter future. We have other services that focus on community development.

Our Vision

Good Things Happen Foundation Inc. wants to focus on projects that will eventually not only educate future home owners and current home owners about real estate and their credit needs but also enhance their quality of life.


Real estate has many avenues that can be explored including business advancement. This will allow those benefiting from our programs to keep a roof over their families head. It will also equipped them to help keep a roof over another, passing on the knowledge for generations to come.

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